Public Spaces


One cough... Your business catches cold.

 It’s a fact. When your people come to work, they may also bring a host of infectious diseases with them. Respiratory influenza RSV, rhinovirus, pulmonary aspergillus, and mycobacterium tuberculosis are just a few examples of airborne organisms that, left alone, can spread like wildfire through your workspace and your workforce.
Clinical studies have shown AiroCide® technology to eliminate virtually every microorganism that enters its chambers.
Environmentally friendly, self-cleaning, and surprisingly affordable. It’s the new business productivity enhancer for you and your staff. Airocide®.

A healthier “welcome home” for your family.


Opening your home after an absence of a few days used to guarantee – the unwelcoming committee – a blast of pungent air and the sour stench of mildew.
These invasive mold and fungi thrive in humid conditions destroying your property. And that’s not all; they can also trigger allergies and sleeplessness, create headaches and itchy eyes, and invite congestion, colds and flu. That was yesterday.
Today you can eliminate these harmful microbes while protecting your real estate investment by installing AiroCide®. From NASA to your home. Airocide®.

Eliminate everything you don't want living in your hotel. 

Germ warfare – it is going on right here. Where mold, fungi and a host of other microorganisms and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are shortening the life of your establishment and preventing your guests from having a good nights sleep. These microorganisms continuously eat away at your expensive fabrics, beautiful carpeting, lovely wall coverings, and lush furnishings, until your investment is left in a shambles.
Even more troubling is the fact that they are airborne, infectious and downright dangerous to your employees and valued customers. All things that are potentially very costly for you.
Install this green technology from NASA and leave your competitors wondering how you keep your place looking so fresh and new.  When it comes to eliminating mold, mildew, and unwanted odors the best defence is a good offense. AiroCide®.


Technology you can depend on.

AiroCide® technology was built for NASA, used in earth orbit and clinically tested by The University of Wisconsin, Texas Tech University, and Texas A&M University. The FDA even lists AiroCide® as a class II medical device. Simply put, AiroCide® has been proven to eliminate virtually 100% of all biological contaminants that enter its system – regardless of size. AiroCide® generates no ozone, it never needs cleaning and it uses no filters. Cost effective, energy efficient – and it works.