The Newest Patient May Be At The Greatest Risk

Newborns are highly vulnerable to infection. Neonatal pneumonia is a common result of neonatal infection and is responsible for many infant deaths within the first month, unless the newborn requires incubation for suspected disease or illness, the baby is generally not isolated. This is where an Airocide® bioconversion system can make a big difference.

In clinical studies supported by peer reviewed papers, Airocide systems have been shown to eliminate virtually all airborne pathogens, VOCs, mycotoxins, mold spores - regardless of size. Bacteria and viruses that ride in with traffic, are exhaled by an infant or make it past the HVAC filtration system won’t last long in an Airocide environment.

Even though the NICU may be well protected from outside environmental pathogens, inside is another matter. Infection can come from airborne bacteria or bacteria commonly found on the skin (staphylococcus epidermis).  A neonatal ward filled with unprotected newborns able to infect each other with every new breath, airborne bacteria and viruses are free to have a field day.

Airocide® destroys all airborne organics at a molecular level by converting them into harmless inorganic vapor. No filters are involved. No ozone is either used or generated as a byproduct.