Examination Rooms and Clinics

With every exhaled breath, whatever can be airborne is airborne. Bacterial meningitis, influenza, tuberculosis and strep throat, just to name a few. They will stay and grow as long as they are allowed to. No surgical mask or faceplate effectively defends against them.  Considering the collection of microbes that enclosed spaces accumulate in a single day, your HVAC system shares that air with the rest of your office and everyone who works and visits there.

The microbes and pathogens even hospital grade HEPA filters can’t stop, the Airocide bioconversion system is the effective tool that eradicates virtually all airborne organic matter.  Airocide® bioconversion systems eliminate 99.999% of airborne microorganisms on the very first pass. Taking them apart, one atom at a time and turning them into harmless vapor. Without producing any ozone or other harmful byproducts.