Doctor's Offices


Coughs and sneezes, viruses and bacteria of all kinds surround your patients and your staff.  If one is sick, they’re likely to infect the other.  Moreover, the bacteria and viruses they are carrying linger long after people have left the building.

In a single practitioner’s office as many as six patients an hour impact the air. In a joint practice, that number jumps considerably. Add nurse practitioners and larger facilities and it grows even larger. Physicians, nurses and staff are all affected, as well as every one of your patients seeking to get better, not worse.

Airocide systems eradicate virtually every microorganism they encounter. 99.999% of them on the first pass. Proven in clinical studies. Proven in real-world hospital operating rooms.

Airocide eliminates 99.999% of airborne microorganisms on the very first pass, Airocide’s bioconversion technology eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew and removes harmful VOC's without producing any ozone or other harmful by-products.

An Airocide system considerably lowers the risk to yourself, your colleagues and your healthcare workers. A risk that is even greater to you than that of your patients as your exposure is daily.