This revolutionary technology developed by NASA is FDA-listed as a Class II Medical Device and is the first filterless technology of its kind.  Airocide bioconversion technology eradicates 99.999% of all microorganisms; eliminating bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew and removes harmful VOC's in hospitals, doctor's offices and public spaces.

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All units utilize the same NASA developed technology and handle any size room in your home.  Airocide eliminates virtually 100% of your home's VOC's, reduces your exposure to top allergens like mold, bacteria and dust mites and protects your family from airborne pathogens that cause illness.

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Airocide Air Purification That Works

This revolutionary technology developed by NASA is the first filterless technology of its kind.  Unlike traditional air filters, Airocide destroys airborne organic matter, instead of trapping them.  Our air purifier even eliminates the smallest of gases that not even the best HEPA filters can tackle.


9 Reasons to Choose Airocide


    Airocide uses a photocatalytic reactor (NOT a filter) and kills airborne bacteria, mold/fungi, viruses and mycotoxins.


    Airocide is a totally green (non-chemical based) technology that is certified to produce NO ozone.

  • oxidization

    Airocide oxidizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), thereby removing harmfull gases and undesirable organic odors. 

  • safe and effective

    Airocide is a completely safe and effective technology having been listed and certified as a FDA medical device (commercial unit).

  • energy efficient

    Airocide is energy efficient and low operational costs, consuming less energy then (3) 100 watt light bulbs and only requires yearly maintenance.


    NASA-developed technology, Airocide, is the only air purifier that completely mineralizes (turns organics into carbon dioxide and water vapor) airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, mycotoxins, viruses, VOC's and odors.

  • 99.999% effective

    Airocide bioconversion systems eliminate 99.999% of airborne microorganisms on the very first pass (commercial unit).

  • class II medical device

    Airocide has been cleared as a Class II Medical Device by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • decreases allergen symptoms

    Decreases allergen symptoms of sinusitis, asthma, sore throat and coughing, providing a healthier working and living environment.